7 Key Steps Businesses Need to Take to Create an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner whose business was flourishing before this pandemic. As soon as the pandemic hit and cities around the world went into lockdown, your business was forced to close its doors. As the lockdowns stretched from weeks to months, your business starts to suffer even more. Soon, you […]

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4 Quick Edits You Can Do With Browser-based PDF Editors

Browser-based PDF editors are all the rage nowadays. People who work at home, students doing online learning, and users who don’t have access to separate, third-party PDF applications rely on browser-based applications to do PDF edits. These online tools usually have an array of individual editors and converters that cater to different specific needs: Convert […]

Samsung SM-T530NU

Get Samsung SM-T530NU with battery replacement kit today | Know full Specifications

We all are surrounded by digital device/gadgets and completely dependent on them for our personal as well as professional use. we all loves to access our per day reports analysis and access mail via such gadgets like mobile phones & laptops. Because carrying a laptop or a work station all the time is not always […]


HTML to PDF: Reasons Why You Should Convert with PDFBear

If you want to know the easiest way of converting your HTML to PDF files, then it is your lucky day! In this article, we will give you reasons why you should always choose to convert with PDFBear. If you don’t know what PDFBear is, it is a free web-based converter tool that offers many […]

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PDFBear: An Excellent PDF Conversion Tool For You

PDF file formats became a defining tool of the Internet. The difference over other forms is that you can be confident that everybody sees the file as you like on different computer systems. They contain all the details for all systems to view the file in the same manner. If you struggle with endless paperwork, […]

Counting on Active DevOps Monitoring and its Importance in SDLC

Counting on Active DevOps Monitoring and its Importance in SDLC

Automation processes have largely evolved in the software development life cycle that allowed modish applications to open to a vast marketplace for users looking for devops as a solution. But deploying applications require high end testing and adjustments to the current monitoring systems. New requirements lead to multiple tests, quality time to manage the complete […]

Microsoft Outlook

Bugs and Errors in Microsoft Outlook: A Complete Guide

You all must be familiar to the brand Microsoft as established it name in the market by giving awesome software packages & amazing productivity products. Microsoft’s one of the popular software package is Microsoft Outlook which is a mailing platform and specifically a client-based software package used for mail exchange in big organizations and businesses […]

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14 prominent must-try tools for app designers

Since mobile came into fashion, mobile apps became all the hype of the previous decade. From full-blown businesses to small startup companies, everyone wanted to try it. Now that with great power comes great responsibility, it became adamant for mobile app designers and developers to deliver user-friendly apps with high functionality. It has become imperative […]


How to resolve [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] in minimal time?

There are many mailing platforms available in the market today but Outlook consider as the most used mailing platform specifically for big organizations and businesses. It is still popular because of its amazing and unique features also it has an awesome user interface which makes it more attractive.  Through Outlook Mail, users can send or […]

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5 Best Office Programs for your Android Tablet

Android devices are simple and straightforward, allowing users to skip technical hurdles and make use of the device easily. They can cater to all your needs ranging from gaming, graphing designing, studies, or work-related tasks performed on various office programs. The availability of some of the best office programs for android tablet means most users […]