Bio computers

Need To Know About Bio-computers/Biomolecular Computers

Bio computers use the systems of biologically derived molecules involving proteins & DNA to commence system calculations that includes storing, retrieving, and processing data. With the expansion of new science in nanobiotechnology, the evolution of biocomputers has been made possible.. There are a number of ways to describe nanotechnology nanotechnology in a general sense can […]

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How To Connect Airpods With Macbook Pro

Hello, welcome to all. Today I will demonstrate how to connect Apple Airpods to a MacBook Pro. For this firstly we need to enable Bluetooth in both the devices. How to turn on Bluetooth on Macbook Pro: We need to go to the Apple logo on the top extreme left corner of the device. Pressing […]

Best App Used By Rhea Chakraborty

Best app which is used by Rhea Chakraborty

Hey! Friends hope you all doing fine, as the quarantine time is over now. Now the life going back to its track as previous and this helpless time of global pandemic also will disappear soon. During this lockdown time we all spent most our time indoor and in internet surfing. There were many misshaping happens […]